LA-based Laboratory Space Incubator with Full Pre-Clinical Services (Animal Studies) For Next-Gen Biotech Companies, Start-ups, and Engineering Innovators






We have Full GLP Level Pre-Clinical Study Facility and Vivarium


Our new 18,000+ sqft lab space and incubator is located in San Fernando Valley, CA. 


Whether you are just starting up your company or you are a well-established organization, BATTS Incubator Labs has the resources to provide you the space, Lab equipment, in addition to expertise in specialized services and support. 

Keep 100% of your Intellectual Property and Company Ownership


We welcome and support innovative biotechnology and engineering projects in areas such as synthetic biology, digital health media, biopharmacutical drug and assay development.


**Please Note: ALL animal and pre-clinical work is performed by trained and certified BATTS Laboratories professionals with all corresponding permits in place.



BATTS Incubator Labs